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About us

Who we are

Committed to excellence since 1988. The best quality standards of Made in Italy applied to the world of natural supplements.

NAMED Natural Medicine is a leading italian company delivering strongly effective and safe natural products to improve people’s health. Since 30 years NAMED has been spreading an innovative concept of NATURAL MEDICINE which goes beyond the resolution of symptoms and aims to prevent diseases and regulate the natural balance of our body, improving our physical and emotional wellbeing.

Our history

Between tradition and innovation, 30 years of research driven by passion for science and love for natural ingredients.

Founded in 1988, NAMED Natural Medicine was born as a family company, its mission has always been focused on making life healthier, easier and better for people. That's why people at NAMED have spent over three decades developing high quality products, researching and selecting natural and science-backed ingredients that patients can trust thanks to their proven effectiveness and safety. Today NAMED is a fully integrated company, distributing in over 4.000 pharmacies around Italy and in over 20 countries worldwide, accounting over 200 employees among sales force and management.

Our mission

Always ensuring innovative, safe and natural solutions for professional and effective patient care.

With a strong scientific background and a pharmaceutical expertise of over 30 years, we are committed to develop and provide advanced, natural, effective and well-tolerated solutions to enhance health and general wellbeing. Our goal is to broaden new ways to treat illness, highlighting the importance of prevention and understanding how to address both healthcare professionals and patients’ needs, always improving our capacity to discover and develop innovative natural supplements by establishing partnerships with experts, physicians and research centers.

Our Vision

Looking forward to expanding our borders and building strong partnerships based on trust and collaboration.

NAMED® is looking forward to expanding its international reach through distribution and supply agreements on selected products with international partners and distributors. NAMED® fully supports potential partners towards their regulatory activities (English Dossiers and relevant documents according to EU and international commitments). NAMED® provides full clinical and scientific information to support partners in their marketing and promotional strategies.

Disclaimer: The products shown on this website may not be available in one or more countries. The information contained here in shall not in any way replace the direct relationship between health professional and patient. It is therefore always advisable to consult your physician and / or pharmacist.

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